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Hy’s Toggery is now the area’s premier clothing store. Offering premium clothing brands like Outerwear, Casual wear, and Modern Classics. We still offer only the best and most fashionable lines around, and when it comes to outerwear we won’t sell it till we’ve tested it. Our customer service is second to none. We are here to serve you and help you find exactly what you are looking for. Our staff can help you with more than just finding sizes, they are all well versed in fashion and the technical aspects of our clothing. So if you are looking for an outfit for your next event or want to know how one of our jackets can keep you warm in the freezing rain, just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

The Hy’s Toggery Story

Hy’s Toggery is the oldest family-owned clothing store in Bay County. Hy’s Toggery was founded in 1969 by Hy Wakstein. Hy set out to be the area’s premier clothing store, offering only the best and most fashionable clothing lines. As times have changed so has our selection, 10 years ago we said goodbye to suits and ties. No doubt we were sad to see them go, but more and more people were spending more time outdoors than behind office doors.

The American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) clothing lines are manufactured in the United States and rigorously tested for saltwater, freshwater and just fishermen at heart. Designed to withstand the sun, wind and rain, AFTCO keeps you warm, dry, and cool in all season
Colorful wave emblem with "Bermies" text, depicting beach and tropical vibes. Bermies, a vibrant and eco-conscious lifestyle brand, brings the spirit of the tropics to your wardrobe. Infused with playful patterns and energetic colors, Bermies offers a range of sustainable swimwear and beachwear that reflects a deep love for ocean adventures. With a focus on both style and sustainability, their products are crafted from recycled materials, ensuring every beach day becomes a statement for environmental awareness. Dive into a world of vibrant designs, comfort, and responsible fashion with Bermies.
The iconic Billabong logo featuring a stylized wave and sun design. Billabong offers a diverse range of high-quality surf-inspired clothing, accessories, and gear. From trendy swimwear and casual apparel to cutting-edge wetsuits and surfboards.
Logo of Birkenstock - Featuring a stylized footbed design with the brand name 'Birkenstock' beneath it, symbolizing comfort and quality in footwear. Birkenstock provides men shoes and women shoes
Bogg Bag logo - A stylized depiction of the Bogg Bag brand, featuring vibrant colors and a modern design. With an array of vibrant colors and durable materials, Bogg Bag elevates the traditional tote concept, catering to those who seek both utility and style in their everyday accessories.
Brümate logo featuring stylized letter 'B' in elegant font with gradient shades of metallic rose gold, silver, and copper. Brümate, a leading lifestyle brand, redefines beverage enjoyment with innovative and stylish drinkware solutions. Combining functionality with aesthetics, Brümate offers an array of insulated products that keep beverages at ideal temperatures for extended periods. From cans and bottles to tumblers and flutes, Brümate's designs merge fashion and utility, ensuring every sip is perfectly chilled or heated. With a focus on modern aesthetics and premium quality, Brümate elevates drinking experiences, whether it's a refreshing cold beverage or a cozy warm drink.
Chaco brand logo: A distinctive design featuring a unique geometrical emblem that signifies adventure and outdoor lifestyle. Chaco Brand Description: Chaco is a renowned footwear and outdoor lifestyle brand that encapsulates a spirit of exploration and a deep connection with nature. Established with a passion for crafting durable, performance-oriented sandals, shoes, and boots, Chaco has evolved into a symbol of rugged outdoor comfort and versatile style. The brand is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, offering footwear designed to withstand the rigors of adventure while providing exceptional support and comfort. With a commitment to sustainability, Chaco also emphasizes responsible production practices. Whether you're hiking through challenging terrain, navigating waterways, or simply embracing an active lifestyle, Chaco's products are engineered to empower your outdoor journey with confidence and authenticity.
Chubbies logo featuring a pineapple with waves below it, next to a cursive font chubbies text. Chubbies is a vibrant and exuberant clothing brand known for its distinctive line of shorts, clothing, and accessories. The brand's logo encapsulates its energetic spirit with vivid shorts and sunglasses, embodying a sense of carefree fun and adventure.
Logo of Cole Haan - A stylized emblem featuring the brand name 'Cole Haan' in elegant typography With a rich heritage dating back to 1928, Cole Haan crafts premium footwear, accessories, and outerwear that embody a perfect balance of comfort, quality, and style.
A stylized depiction of the Columbia brand logo featuring an emblem with a mountain range silhouette and a rising sun in the background. Columbia, a renowned outdoor apparel and equipment brand, is synonymous with adventure and performance.
Costa logo: Waves and palm tree emblem representing Costa sunglasses, a brand known for high-quality eyewear. Costa, a prominent eyewear brand, is renowned for its exceptional sunglasses that combine cutting-edge technology with a deep passion for outdoor exploration.
Fish Hippie logo featuring a stylized blue fish with a white stripe placed above the uppercase text 'FISH HIPPIE' From apparel to accessories, Fish Hippie offers a range of high-quality items that cater to individuals who appreciate both the rugged beauty of the great outdoors and the refined aesthetics of timeless fashion.
Folten Roark Logo - A stylized emblem featuring intertwined initials 'F' and 'R' in sleek typography, exuding modern sophistication. A contemporary lifestyle brand that harmonizes urban sensibilities with a touch of rustic charm. Each product reflects a narrative of understated luxury, designed to resonate with individuals who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the allure of well-crafted essentials.
Logo of Groove Life: Features the brand name 'Groove Life' in bold modern font, with a subtle groove pattern underneath. The logo embodies a sleek and contemporary design, capturing the essence of the brand's style and innovation.
Hemlock Hat Co. logo featuring a stylized tree motif with intricate leaf details, encapsulating the essence of nature and adventure. With a focus on sustainable materials and unique designs, Hemlock Hat Co. captures the essence of nature's beauty and the thrill of outdoor escapades in every hat they create.
Herschel Supply Co. logo: A stylized mountain emblem within a circular frame, representing adventure and quality. Herschel Supply Co. is celebrated for its innovative backpacks, bags, travel accessories, and lifestyle products.
Hey Dude logo: A creative design blending casual fonts and relaxed vibes, capturing the essence of the brand's laid-back footwear. Hey Dude offers a diverse range of shoes that seamlessly blend style and functionality. From slip-ons to sneakers, their designs effortlessly capture a carefree lifestyle while providing exceptional comfort and support.
Logo of HUK: A stylized emblem featuring the letters H, U, and K interwoven creatively, representing the brand's identity with a dynamic and modern touch. HUK, a leading performance fishing apparel brand, encapsulates the spirit of adventure on the water. With a focus on innovation, HUK offers a range of high-quality fishing clothing and gear designed to enhance angler experiences. The brand's distinctive logo and vibrant colors echo its commitment to combining style and functionality. HUK caters to fishing enthusiasts by providing technologically advanced fabrics, sun protection, and ergonomic designs, ensuring comfort and durability during long days on the water.
Hydro Flask logo symbolizing outdoor adventure and hydration. Hydro Flask, a renowned brand in outdoor hydration, offers a range of high-performance insulated water bottles, tumblers, and accessories.
Kühl logo featuring stylized mountain range and brand name. With a focus on functional apparel for outdoor enthusiasts, Kühl seamlessly blends performance with style. Their innovative products, from jackets and pants to shirts and accessories, are designed to keep adventurers comfortable and protected during all kinds of outdoor pursuits.
Marsh Wear logo depicting a stylized fish encrusted with the Marsh Wear brand name. Rooted in the heart of marshlands and coastal landscapes, the brand celebrates the thrill of fishing, boating, and exploration. Each piece embodies the spirit of the wild while ensuring comfort and functionality.
Maui Jim logo: A stylized sun with waves beneath, representing the brand's connection to sun, sea, and outdoor lifestyle.
Old Row logo: A stylized crest featuring a shield with crossed oars, flanked by laurel wreaths, encapsulating a vintage aesthetic. Old Row captures the essence of classic American collegiate experiences through its clothing and lifestyle products.
OluKai logo: A stylized depiction of a fish hook, symbolizing the brand's connection to ocean and island lifestyle. From comfortable sandals to versatile shoes, OluKai blends modern innovation with traditional artistry, offering a range of products.
Patagonia's iconic mountain logo depicting a stylized mountain range with the brand's name below. Patagonia is recognized not only for its high-quality products but also for its dedication to ethical manufacturing, environmental activism, and initiatives aimed at minimizing its ecological footprint.
Peter Millar logo: A refined emblem featuring the brand's name in elegant font, exemplifying sophistication and style. From tailored shirts and finely-crafted outerwear to upscale accessories, the brand caters to individuals seeking refined fashion statements. With a focus on quality materials and a commitment to exquisite design, Peter Millar celebrates the art of dressing well.
Rainbow Sandals logo featuring vibrant rainbow colors and the brand name. Rainbow Sandals is a renowned footwear brand known for its high-quality, handcrafted sandals that epitomize comfort and style.
Ray-Ban logo: Iconic Ray-Ban logo featuring stylish, bold typography. Ray-Ban's signature styles, such as the Aviator and Wayfarer, have left an indelible mark on the fashion world. The brand has become synonymous with high-quality sunglasses.
Reef logo depicting a stylized wave in oceanic shades with the brand name 'Reef' elegantly integrated. Embracing the harmony of land and sea, Reef's products encompass a wide range of comfortable and stylish footwear, apparel, and accessories that resonate with beachgoers, surf enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers alike.
Salty Crew logo: A stylized emblem featuring a fishhook intertwined with ocean waves, encapsulating the essence of adventure and maritime lifestyle. Salty Crew is a lifestyle brand deeply rooted in the ocean and outdoor pursuits. Salty Crew offers a range of apparel and accessories that embody the raw authenticity of the sea.
Sanük Logo: A playful, wave-inspired logo featuring the brand name 'Sanük' in bold, curvy letters with a relaxed and friendly vibe. Sanük is a lifestyle footwear brand that embodies a carefree and adventurous spirit. Known for their innovative and uniquely designed sandals, shoes, and boots.
Saxx Underwear logo featuring bold typography and sleek design. Saxx Underwear is a leading men's underwear brand known for its innovative approach to comfort and support. With a focus on ergonomic design and quality materials, Saxx has revolutionized the underwear market.
Southern Marsh logo: A graceful silhouette of a mallard duck in flight, set against a circular background with 'Southern Marsh' text. Known for its high-quality clothing and accessories, the brand effortlessly blends comfort and style, allowing individuals to connect with their surroundings while embodying classic elegance.
Southern Shirt Co. Logo - A stylized depiction of a classic Southern shirt with a charming emblem, encapsulating the essence of Southern heritage and casual elegance. From cozy t-shirts to versatile button-downs, their apparel reflects the warmth of Southern hospitality while embracing contemporary trends.
Southern Tide logo featuring a leaping marlin fish with the brand name 'Southern Tide' in bold letters below. From vibrant polo shirts to carefully crafted outerwear, Southern Tide epitomizes the allure of coastal chic, making it a beloved choice for those who seek classic yet contemporary fashion that captures the essence of Southern coastal charm.
Sperry logo featuring a sailboat emblem on a circular background, representing the brand's nautical heritage and style.
Teva logo: A stylized, modern typography with bold, clean lines, representing the adventurous spirit of the brand. Teva is renowned for its innovative approach to sandals and shoes, designed to excel in various terrains, from rugged trails to water adventures.
The North Face logo depicting a stylized mountain range and the brand name in bold letters. The North Face is a renowned outdoor apparel and equipment brand known for its high-performance clothing, footwear, and gear.
Tilley logo: An iconic hat resting on a map, representing adventure, durability, and style. Tilley is celebrated for its iconic hats, designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration while maintaining an element of timeless style.
Tommy Bahama logo featuring a palm tree silhouette, beach scene, and text in tropical colors. Known for its sophisticated yet laid-back style, the brand has become synonymous with embracing the spirit of vacation and a carefree approach to life.
Vineyard Vines logo – A stylized pink whale and company name in blue against a white background. Vineyard Vines is a lifestyle brand known for its vibrant and preppy apparel. Offering a range of clothing, accessories, and more, Vineyard Vines captures the essence of relaxed elegance and embodies the joy of coastal living.
Vuori brand logo: A stylized emblem featuring the word 'Vuori' in bold, uppercase letters. The letters have a modern and sleek design, with a subtle gradient effect that transitions from deep blue to a lighter shade. The 'V' in 'Vuori' extends into a short, horizontal line with two small triangles on either side, giving a sense of movement and dynamism. The overall aesthetic is clean, contemporary, and reflective of an active lifestyle.
Yeti logo featuring a stylized silhouette of a yeti, with bold and modern typography. Yeti crafts high-performance coolers, drinkware, and outdoor gear designed to withstand the harshest environments. Yeti's robust lineup caters to those who demand reliability, making it a trusted companion for every expedition.

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54 years of dressing the people of the world, Hy's Toggery's selection has something for everyone.

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Hy's Toggery
Crushing workouts (and chill time) with Vuori's comfy men's shorts & tees. Now at Hy's Toggery in Pier Park! #Vuori #hystoggery #visitpcb #pcb #athleisure #realfunbeach #active #ootd ... See MoreSee Less
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The all-new Rapid Pro!Grip so good, it’s best served on the rocks🤙Shop the collection at Hy's Toggery!#chaco #hystoggery #visitpcb #mypcb #realfunbeach #waterlife #chacosandals ... See MoreSee Less
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Hy's Toggery
Summer's almost here! Shop Hy's Toggery for Old Row's latest polos, tees, and shorts and get su#oldrowa#hystoggeryr#Bajíos#pcbeach##visitpcbb#summervibesc#ootdm#unisexclothing##musthavet#oldrowofficial#oldrowofficial ... See MoreSee Less
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Hy's Toggery
Nature trails & effortless style? We're in! Hitting the woods in the comfy-cute combo of Vuori's Clean Elevation Yogas or their Studio Pocket legging paired with their amazing Lux Tank Top. #vuori #HysToggery #PCB #pierpark #GetOutside #VuoriLife #adventureawaits #studiopocketlegging #luxperformancetank ... See MoreSee Less
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𝕆𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕒𝕝𝕝, we are a huge fan of Marsh Wear's latest women's Shortalls.😉Stop by and check out the latest from Marsh Wear and so 𝐇𝐘'𝐒 𝐓𝐎𝐆𝐆𝐄𝐑𝐘hystoggery in Pi#hystoggeryh#marshwear##shortalls##visitpcb #MyPCBp#pierparkpiere#beachlife##fishinge#ootdhing #ootd ... See MoreSee Less
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Hy's Toggery
Calling all adventurers, beach bummers, and lovers of comfort! We are so excited to announce we’re now carrying @freeflyapparel! Free Fly makes unbelievably comfortable, performance-driven clothing crafted from sustainable, bamboo fabrics.Their clothes are perfect for:- Hitting the beach ️- Crushing your next hike- Relaxing by the bonfireBasically, anything and everything under the sun! ☀️They’re breathable, moisture-wicking, and naturally odor-resistant, so you can stay fresh and comfortable all day long. Stop by Hy’s Toggery today and see why Free Fly is taking the activewear world by storm! #FreeFly #Hystoggery #comfyclothes #sustainablefashion #adventurewear #beachlife #exploremore #beachlife ... See MoreSee Less
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